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Volunteers may not have a lot of time, but they have a lot of heart.” As a volunteer, you will learn not only about the needs of others, but also about your own, and you will discover that by helping others, you are most effectively helping yourself.

TCIF believes that lasting change will not occur until civil society members are actively involved in the development process. We urge and invite individuals to become active members of our organization and share our vision and goal of working for the welfare of children and their families through volunteer opportunities and volunteer registration. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization; they not only embody the organization’s goals, but also spread the word far and wide, raising awareness of the cause among the general public. Serve as a volunteer for us and be a part of bringing a smile on someone’s face.

Our doors are open for anyone who is willing to be of help to the society. There is no minimum age to begin volunteering, no favored categories, no wage requirements, and no special education or work experience required. All that is necessary is a devotion to the cause, sincerity in one’s work, and a commitment to regular and continuous efforts with the organization.”


Skills and qualifications can be acquired through employment, previous volunteer work, or other activities such as hobbies or sports. What skills or qualifications do you have as a volunteer?
Have you worked as a volunteer before? If so, what did you do?

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