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A thread that created a revolution in fashion! – Pushpalatha’s Dj Silk Thread Jewellery

"Jewellery is how I add a bit of fun to an Outfit."

Silk thread jewellery is a beautiful replacement for the former jewel trends and it is affordable by all means without compensating for that exotic look. Silk Thread jewellery has now taken over the trend list. Women tend to pile up things on their wardrobe and the most favourite among them is Jewellery. Traditional jewellery can create only a single vintage image and hence the quantity of having them in a wardrobe seems to be less. On the other hand, people who opt for varieties go for silk thread jewellery that looks good on all occasions

To pair up their attires with silk thread jewellery has now become a new trend, where everybody thinks it looks like a charm. The simplest things are the most attractive ones. Apart from wearing it, people also are curious to know the process of its making and Pushpalatha Karthikeyan is one among them.

Hard work and Self-esteem will always earn success”

Pushpalatha Karthikeyan, who valued the craftsmanship wanted to hold on to it and has now turned to be an entrepreneur in the same field. She earns her income by running a small business based on silk thread jewellery. Now let’s look at where Pushpalatha was inspired to start her artistic journey.

Her two young daughters were obsessed with jewellery as every girl of adolescent age would prefer. They always landed on choosing dissatisfactory jewels when they purchased for their outfits. Either it would be costly or would have mismatched their attires or would apt only for a particular dress. Hence our super talented mother – Pushpalatha grasped the idea of making jewellery for her kids. She chose Silk thread as it is budget & eco-friendly and can have varieties. A beautiful ornament is always first eaten by the eyes of the people, similar to it her neighbours questioned them the place of their jewellery purchase. And when they knew, it was the masterpiece of Pushpalatha, orders flooded in. And that’s how she made it her occupation.

Just like sowing a seed and watching it grow and nurture them till it becomes flowers, her crafting is from her heart through the hands to make it a whole process. 


Bangles are the most repeated choice of the audience as she is an expert in that says Pushpalatha. 

Hardships and Challenges

Initially, she didn’t endorse her products, rather only supplied to her neighbours who were the backbone customers of this small startup. She doesn’t run an organization nor has laboured for it as it is not a daily basis work. Functions and parties were her gifted days. People ordered ST jewellery for their marriages and other occasions. Pushpa says that she receives bulk orders on marriage occasions where they ask her to customize jewellery for the entire family. On the other hand, she hasn’t utilized the digital platform entirely for marketing her products, rather uses only WhatsApp to upload pictures of her work and receives orders. 

The great hardships faced by her are the replacement of jewellery by the customers when returned for damage. She doesn’t get them back nor refunds them, as done by big shops but helps them to rectify the mistake and correct it accordingly. She neglects this negativity by self-motivating her with the mantra “the comments of a good product are shared only too few whereas faults are declared to many”. Pushpalatha’s aim is not only targeted to make profits but to do a satisfactory job.  


Pushpalatha claims that Silk Thread Jewellery is a profitable business as she earns more than a lakh by investing one-fourth of the money. 

She further adds that this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her family members. Their moral support is the fruit of her success. Her two daughters who were the cause of this new beginning help her out in packing and delivery. AS THEY SAYHARD WORK BETRAYS NONE.

Yes, Pushpa hasn’t been betrayed. She sits back and enjoys her work and leads a tension free life. Financial dependence doesn’t pull her down as she is the sole owner of it.

Black Jumkas

The Black Beauty

Full Antique Neck Set with Stud and Bangles

Fashionably Old School


The threads have more Colour

Wedding Bangle set

Special Occasion

Kadabangle with Plain Bangle set

Simple and Elegant

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