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When we talk about humanity, there can be various perspectives to look at it. The most straightforward way to understand humanity is this simple definition – everything that makes you human can be considered a part of humanity. This can be love, hope, faith, fear, and much more. All these attributes are a part of humanity because you experience them regularly while living your life.

 The Pride of Humanity awards 2021 initiated by Take Care International Foundation are being held in the hope to recognize outstanding humanitarian services and positive actions by individuals. The Pride of Humanity award recognizes the world’s most influential and accomplished humanitarian workers from all walks of life.

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and care to change a person’s life”. One such kind person, who works hard to change people’s lives, even if it’s by a bit, is Mr. Arjun Vijayanarayanan. Born and brought up in Chennai and currently settled in the U.S.A, he holds a master’s degree in AEROSPACE and human factors and systems. Being full-time employed at VIASAT, he makes sure to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide help to the needy. Always keen on donating and involving himself with charity work, Mr. Arjun has helped a lot of people around him till date.

One of the main ways in which he helps is by providing food to the underprivileged and the poorer sections of society. He involves himself in charity work in the USA, but makes sure to also help his people back in his home place, Chennai. As the world was struck by a gruesome global pandemic that stripped a lot of people of their daily income, Mr. Arjun made it his aim to provide extra help during the hard times. His donations have helped jobless people to still keep their hopes and want to keep working hard, as hardships are always meant to pass, even if it takes a long time to do so.

Mr. Arjun strives to spread the message of humanity, kindness and gratitude through his actions and wants to inspire others to do their part in helping society for the best. He wishes to see a better a sense of empathy between employers and employees, especially during tough times, and to make people realize the importance of harmony between the two parties.

Pride of Humanity being an initiative to acknowledge humanitarian workers, your contribution towards the wellbeing of society was nothing less than a moment of appreciation. We hope nothing but the best for your future endeavors and hope that this award stands as a stepping stone for you to continue in this path of kindness and giving and to always lead as a humanitarian worker. Once again congratulations!

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”

-Bob Kerrey

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