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Customized 3d Casting For You

Customized 3d Casting For You!

“The Passionate Pursuit Of Customized 3D Casting

Preethi Jawahar, a young woman entrepreneur from North Chennai Thiruvachiyur, sells 3D Casting. She has been running the Sweet Memory Casting for over two years now.

She started this as a commercial business back in the month of October.


I have a 5 year old baby and during my delivery, I had the idea of taking an impression of my baby’s hands and feet. But it was to no avail because I couldn’t find any artist who could do it.

I can take impressions of one-month and two-month old babies. 5 years ago, it was very costly. It was not affordable for me to pay an amount of Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 for the impressions.

I searched on Google and got ideas on how to work it out, so on the 100th day of my baby being born, I successfully made what I wanted to. I now frequently indulge in practicing it by doing it for parents who want the said casts for their babies. 

The idea of the cast being quite disticntive I searched for market competition in the said line of work and got to know that the current competition was low. Generally, the cost of baby products is high when compared with adults. So I started working on it for commercial purposes.

Exceedingly Good Customized 3d Casting.

From maternity to delivery and from 6 month birthday to 1st birthday, every parent wants to save their baby’s memories and so most parents are ready to spare a lot of money for that.

Compared to others in the market, I am doing it at an affordable price. I visit the customer’s house directly and take their baby’s impressions and then proceed with the next steps.

Colors of Casting:

For normal casting, we offer Silver, Gold, and Copper colors.

Antique shades are also available on prior notice from our side and the price varies based on customization, not by color.

Price Range:

The price range starts at Rs.4,000. For one hand and the one-foot impression, it would cost Rs. 4,000 along with the frame picture.

Rs. 800-1000 would be the profit for a Rs. 4, 000 investment. For customized 3D casting, the profit will be Rs.1,500. I provide 3D Castings for an affordable price. Some may charge up to Rs. 8,000, but I offer the same product for Rs. 6,000.

Based on the age of the babies, the cost may vary.

No Side Effective Products:

All that is used for babies to do the 3D casting would always be skin-friendly, with no rashes, and non-toxic materials. The baby will show any skin allergies. The materials are 100% safe for the baby.

“So far, I have taken an impression of the baby being 21 days old, and some others have taken impressions of babies being born 4 days ago,” says Preethi Jawahar.


Normally, we use caustic material to make the casting. Until the baby cooperates with us, we have to wait. After they have fallen asleep, I can continue with taking the impression since the caustic material starts going hard after 10 minutes.

Some babies will cooperate well and the impression work will end within half an hour. Babies are sensitive and sometimes they are prone to feeling chilly even when they are at room temperature.

We always apply either baby oil or coconut oil to the baby’s hands and feet before taking the impression. The mixture resembles idly batter. We dip the baby’s hand and foot into it and, after 30 to 40 seconds, the mixture will turn into rubber.

“You can see the inticate deatils of the baby with nails and wrinkles crystal clear. Finally, you can get it as a sculpture. Other than these, 3D casting is being done for pets like dogs and cats, “quotes Preethi Jawahar.

Family Support:

“I live in a joint family. My in-laws support me by taking care of the baby when I go out to take orders. My husband is my pillar who has invested more and he pushed me to start this as a business and now it’s because of my family that I get profit. “


I take orders in Chennai from Thiruvachiyur and Thambaram and some nearby places. One kilogram of the molding powder costs Rs. 1980. The basic cast can be attained for Rs. 4,000 along with a frame.

Belly casting is also available from 7 months to 8 months of pregnancy. The starting price is charged at Rs. 7,000.

Covid Challenges:

No work has been assigned due to lockdown since all had panicked about the spread of the Covid and I stopped taking orders from the customers.

I recently started taking orders again.


Customer happiness and smiles are the review of my work. Over 99% of people give good reviews and some may give suggestions as well.

“There’s Only One Thing In The World I Want And That Is Customized 3D Casting.”

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