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Introducing Mr. Balakrishnan in this Article. He is a distinguished self-manufacturer of cushions, sofas, and furniture. He has been engaged in the making of these products for a very long time ( 5 years).  Let us know more about his products and business journey here below.

Quality Products :

Balakrishnan has been in this business for over five years. He manufactures sofas in a combination of elastic and wooden tapes and specified in multicolor fabric.  His products include Foam and Home Mattresses, Wooden Dining Tables, and Wooden Cots. Balakrishnan is offering his products at a normal price when compared to showrooms.      

It is normal to purchase products like Cots for 12,000 here. Mr. Balakrishnan’s sofas are offered for between 13,000 and 15,000 Rupees, rather than the showroom where you have to spend at least 20,000 Rupees.   

His variety of products has reached all over Tamil Nadu especially at Tanjore, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mayiladuthurai, Kaaraikudi, Trichy, and Kanyakumari.

Meets the needs of Customers:

He delivers Products according to the needs of the Customers. You can get furniture in your desired colors and at an affordable price.

Difficulties he faced through his Successful Stories:

The only difficulty he faces is the cost of the raw materials and the insufficient place to store the raw materials. Still, then he leads the business. 

The story about his Inspiration and Interest in this Business:

During an interview, he said that I aimed is to succeed in life and took the business which my elderly people are practicing well in this business at Chennai. I got help from my Dad and at first, we started this business as in a small-scale process”.

Do you know what could be his one-year turnover? 1 crore.  He proves as he is one of the leading business Man as well.

Best Products and Reviews:

The following  are the  best and standard Products like

  • Five Seat Contract Corner Sofa,
  • Rattan Cushion Sofa and
  • Normal PU Color Sofa are the three most well-received orders in Tamilnadu.

In due course of time, his customers are giving good feedback and reviews about the quality of the product he sells. Over 90% of people are well satisfied with his service. He confidently asserts that after a year we will receive the cent percent review and good feedback about our products.

We aimed to purchase the best quality raw materials and deliver the best product as well. We work effectively to deliver the best quality of products; says Balakrishnan.

Rate Ranges:

Mr.Balakrishnan is not comparable to anyone since he gives Products at normal prices with standard quality. Here you have the Rate that Ranges for a Variety of Products.

  • Corner Sofa -26,000 including delivery
  • Normal PU Sofa- 15,000
  • Cushion Rattan Sofa- 25,000

He does not charge any additional amount during delivery. That is one of the reasons, people reach him confidentially without matter of expensive.

Future Developmental Ideas:

He is proposed to develop his business and owns an idea about developing a modern rice mill.

Don’t delay further to purchase a good product.

Hurry up! and get the Quality Source at affordable Price!

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