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God Painting – Godly beauty!

God Painting – Godly beauty!

   “God Painting – Empowering People.”


Young Entrepreneur Mr. Palanisamy:


  1. Palanisamy is an entrepreneur and Software Engineer who owns an Advertising Agency. His Skills are vast in distinct factors like creating the God Painting and Digital Images.

“So that’s how Santhosam started his own business venture called GOOD COFFEE

Unique Products:

Mr. Palanisamy shows his unique skills in making his products like God Painting and Digital Images.

God Pictures are more than just a craft, it provides numerous mental health benefits as well. Gold is very popular because of its association with money.


The art of Painting has been around as long as humans have been living. Just like the inspiration sparks with Indian Tradition, I belong to the first generation to indulge in this Painting business. 


“The fact is Painting, sculpting and drawing, help to develop visual-spatial skills, especially in toddlers. These skills help kids explore what they see and make it out as an art”



Product Sales:

Even during Corona, his business has not faced any such issues. The most likable Products are gold coating and Digital Images. Gold reflects beauty, enriches life, and inspires people to paint their life’s most beautiful picture.


“Sweet as the Moment When the Gold Painting Went Pop”


Excellent Quality and Rich products painting, drawings, and sketches depict the beauty of our Nature.

Price and Sale:

Last year he had orders from about 10,000 customers and has been running his business successfully.

The Paintings are priced based on requirements and the quality of products. The average prices start from Rs.100.

Product’s Life & Reviews:

All the products you buy from him last for the longest time. The quality of the products contains gold pigments that offer attractive benefits for artworks.

Mostly his products are given in Professional notes and due to word of mouth, the message spreads.

Future Plan:

He has an idea about developing allied products with Gold Painting and Digital Painting. So far, he appoints work to 5 workers, and based on the requirement and orders, he will hire workers accordingly that work part-time.

Support & Challenges:

The only Challenge to reach the customers is to make the customers realize the importance of the art.

“My Family positively supports me and I have been working positively with the support of my Mother, Wife, and Brother”


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Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

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