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Good maybe Bad but at VIVACITY OVERSEAS its ‘Healthy’

“Behind every successful Man there is an encouraging women but in VIVACITY OVERSEAS, Behind successful Sumathi, there is encouraging Senthil Kumar.”

In today’s world it is rare to see a man supporting their wife professionally and personally. Sumathi Senthil Kumar start-up  generates edible oil and sells it within their surroundings by making the food product using traditional practices while also ensuring quality control by verifying it and tracing it.

Six – seven years back Sumathi Senthil Kumar started their edible oil business by focusing domestically.  It was in 2020 that sparked an idea in them which made them think “why don’t we sell the oil with our own brand, it’s our own formula of making oil” and that’s how VIVACITY OVERSEAS was formed.

VIVACITY OVERSEAS produce edible oils like groundnut oil, Sesame seed oil, coconut oil and Castrol oil.

“Sumathi Senthil Kumar says ‘We are doing this naturally to make sure that our customers should only consume natural oil and not ones with impurities and degraded ones.”

The learning process and taking the business over to the next step:

Initially to do any business or to enter into the corporate world there is a sheer necessity of being a degree holder or knowledge level to enter into a respective field and here Sumathi Senthil Kumar took 6 month proper training on using machine to grind raw material in Gent- Tech engineering in Coimbatore. Sumathi technically learnt the process and then took the business to the next level.

The aim was to produce quality products by getting the raw materials and seeds from best standard intermediaries. There is a low margin where Sumathi Senthil Kumar is expecting to expand it focusing on quality. They are planning to set up the big plan by exporting it to different places.

Is tea process happening?

Sumathi Senthil Kumar is also planning on sell their tea powder. Due to Covid pandemic the process has been temporarily stopped. In Kothari they own a land separately for processing and making of tea powder. Taking Ooty as example she is ready to develop the plan. VIVACITY OVERSEAS will be garnering their way into tea process by introducing tea and green tea powder.


Yes VIVACITY OVERSEAS has a brand name GOLD BRAIN WHICH IS THE brands TRADE MARK. It is also been registered and has completed the process of completely owning the brand. They are currently waiting for the approval from the Government.

“Sumathi Senthil Kumar says The Golden Brain is a trophy of a gold-plated medal of the human brain attached to a bronze base.”

Compared to other oil products what is unique in VIVACITY OVERSEAS oil products?

Sumathi Senthil Kumar says the price is unique. Compared to the other oil products out there in the market she sells her oil at lesser cost that is ₹10 or ₹20 in the market and the price is to remain the same.

“Sumathi Senthil Kumar says banners are being prepared and gives assurance on increasing the production to over 100 litres once after the traceability is reached.”

VIVACITY OVERSEAS is sourcing the bottle from factories so she also asks her customers to transfer the oil into steel vessels and not to store it in the bottle that they provide, by doing so the oil can be can be stored for about 6-8 months.

Business during COVID - 19:

VIVACITY OVERSEAS is running smoothly and processes are happening in secured and protected manner, they keep their customer’s wellbeing in mind and proceed with full precautions to ensure safety.


VIVACITY means the quality of being energetic and enthusiastic. OVERSEAS means across the sea.

They aim to expand the business across different counties. Sumathi Senthil Kumar and her husband have come under partnerships to bring out their best in future for their company. Keeping this in mind they named their venture as vivacity overseas.

“Sumathi Senthil Kumar says that their customers tell them about how good their products are compared to the other brands near them who own an inhabitant shop. And some of her neighbours and friends would even buy extra 10 litres for their friends. Also her customers have given certificate of feedback saying that the oil is also a good solution for knee pain.”

The only problem that VIVACITY OVERSEAS face is procuring the raw material fluctuations. The price of raw material that intermediaries provide is costly. So VIVACITY OVERSEAS sells the product at same price by taking up the losses and which in return does not affect the customers. They give importance to getting good feedback from customers even if it is means not earning profit. For business continuity and also for the company to not go low on work Sumathi Senthil Kumar plans on increasing about ₹5 or ₹10 increase in the price.

In conclusion, VIVACITY OVERSEAS is selling the best edible oil. Having customers on mind they always take measures by working safely and securely. This oil builds up a healthy immune system and avoids disease.

“To maintain a healthy and protected life why don’t we give a shot at VIVACITY OVERSEAS edible oil.”

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