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‘Health packets’- A new take on Healthy Coffee! – – GOOD COFFEE, the Immune Booster

"Good ideas start by Brainstorming, Great ideas start by Coffee"

Santhosam found a new coffee powder that is only made with the best  of the herbs combination to improve health in all aspects.

What’s the first thing that everybody starts their day with? –  Coffee 

We believe that coffee is more than just a drink: it’s a culture, an art, and a passion.

Coffee is a beverage brewed from the roasted and ground seeds from the tropical evergreen coffee plant of African origin. Everybody knows that coffee is made up of roasted coffee beans but Santhosam brought in a new formula to make a coffee powder even better.

In early 2002 he was prepared coffee with his formula and served it to his family members, it was going normal but when his friends and his family members started to visit him asking about the coffee, that was when his coffee powder took him to the next stage where he became an entrepreneur. All those who drank his coffee gave him a positive response and comments. Some even asked him to start doing a business with it. 

“So that’s how Santhosam started his own business venture called GOOD COFFEE

From 2002 – 2017, the business was brought up and was run with the customers made through his friends and families ordering up to 1- 6kgs per month and that was when the idea came to him about setting up an outlet with the approval of the government. And that was how  the “GOOD COFFEE” came to life.

Santhosam’s Coffee powder consists of a formula that contains nine ingredients which are: 

  • Sukku
  • Milagu
  • Thippili
  • Athimathuram
  • Kadukkai
  • Jathikai
  • Sitharathai
  • Virali Manjal
  • Omam

With these nine herbs, the ingredients also include Panakalkandu. The coffee powder is completed with all these ingredients coming together. 

Santhosam’s manager states that there is an absolute difference between their coffee powder and the other coffee powders available in the market. He says “This is not just a coffee powder. It is also a remedy to various diseases depending on how well it is used.”

GOOD COFFEE Powder is a very soothing and comforting drink during sicknesses like cold, cough, throat infection, sinus problem and headaches. It treats indigestion related problems too. This is a quick and easy home remedy that comes in handy. 

“Santhosam prepares his coffee powder only when he receives an order as he considers only supplying fresh quality to his customers.”

There is no such social media platform GOOD COFFEE is marketed through , but they reach out to the customers through friends and family members when they provide the GOOD COFFEE in at social gatherings.

GOOD COFFEE is budget-friendly and it also has a maximum month of expiry.

Before the pandemic, their regular sales were up to with Rs.60,000 – to Rs.80,000 per month but the current COVID-19 pandemic has increased the sale by rs.1,00,000 per month which is a profit of rs.20,000 – rs.40,000 respectively.

GOOD COFFEE is making a profit with the ongoing Covid pandemic. Once the pandemic had started, everybody was in search of anything that could boost their immunity and Good Coffee was found to be the perfect remedy. Consumers started using Good Coffee which helps heal and preferred it over other alternatives.

Good Coffee, The Immune Booster

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