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What is crowdfunding?

In its least difficult structure, crowdfunding is an act of giving money related funds to defeat explicit social, social, or financial obstacles people face in their regular routines. 

So how does crowdfunding work at TCIF?

Assume you are an individual who, sadly, meets with a mishap out and about. His clinical costs and clinic charges are stacking up. Presently, he wants 8 Lakh to take care of his costly hospital expenses. Luckily, his dearest companion joined TCIF's crowdfunding stage, finished the method involved with submitting legitimate records required for confirmation. In no time flat, he made a crowdfunding effort to raise funds for his companion's clinical costs. Presently, this mission can be imparted to all his precious ones through WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. In a matter of a few moments, funds begin coming in to help.

Start a fundraiser with three basic steps.


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