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We are using 100% traditional sesame seeds for sesame oil extraction. And we are adding Palm jaggery. The purpose of adding palm jiggery is to reduce the heat of sesame as well as bitterness.  But most of the oil manufacturers use Sugar (white), Cane sugar to reduce the bitterness, but it will not reduce the heat. Once the seeds get grounded, we will leave the oil under sun light for natural filtration process. Normally it will take atleast 2 days for filtration process. After that we will transfer it to large vessel and we will start bottling. We have 4 quantities of bottles ranging 300ML, 500ML and 1 LIT.

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Benefits of wood pressed oils:

  • It is loaded with Antioxidants.
  • It Promotes Heart Health.
  • It may fight Cancer.
  • It boosts skin Health.
  • It may improve Insulin sensitivity.
  • Wood pressed oils help in substantial reduction in medicine dosage, when consuming it regularly for cooking.

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1 Litre, 500 ml