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Rising like grass growing in the middle of a Split rock!

“Our ancestors once crossed the sea to do the business”

Let’s cross the sea and go to the grove of Prabhu who wants to do business with bark!

Process of Areca variety plates:

Prabhu himself, who makes the bark plates, puts the grove himself, takes the falling bark from it, soaks it well in water, and puts it in the machine. These plates are made in four different shapes and are designed with good solidity. It is available in four shapes: twelve inches, ten inches, eight inches and six inches.

The journey towards a Natural life:

The journey towards the health of our body is essential in the time when everyone goes as nail covers, plates. It is important to keep in mind that not only natural foods are healthy for our body, but also what we eat in exchange for them. There is no disturbance to the body and soil by these types of plates.

‘I also want to do a successful business’ says Prabhu.

Prabhu says that the shopkeepers and traders who buy the plates from him sell them to the people and export them abroad, and he says that he will go out and sell them in this way. He is the one who is interested in exporting and says excitedly that he will learn it soon.


He has been praised by many for the quality of his work, and Prabhu responds generously and eloquently that he researched and corrected what was pointed out and that which had mistaken.

Prabhu, who has been in the business for 2 years, is working with his family to create the product. Although his attempt to make people aware of his product by posting a photo twice on Facebook was not successful, and he believes that one day his intention will come true.

“When it comes to the price he says it can vary a bit just like any other place.”

In the effort to protect the earth from the dangers of plastic, and the use of plastic plates plays a major role.

Benefits of the plate:

Ø This type of plates is 100% natural.

Ø Plates are made with falling bamboo poles so there is no harm to the trees.


In the end, Prabhu has great faith in his work, ambition and dreams.

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