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Share Moments, Share Handmade Silk Thread Bangles.

Share Moments, Share Handmade Silk Thread Bangles.


“It’s time to tell every little girl who’s been told she’s bossy again that she has leadership skills.”

Mrs. Harini is a young woman entrepreneur and housewife who runs her own business. In her free time, she makes silk thread bangles in her spare time for a small business. She started this as a part-time job, but she wants to expand her horizons.


YouTube was her source of inspiration. As a way to gain experience as a business owner, she decided to start up a business selling handmade silk thread bangles.

Her Bangle Products & Reach:

 She does the handicraft silk thread bangles in distinct colors. She just posted her products on OLX to sell her products. Apart from this, she has sold her products to her neighbors.

Product Costs:

The cost of the Hand Made Silk Thread Bangles ranges from Rupees 200 to 300.

Unique designs:

 On request, she will be ready to create new designs & place the names that carry over to the thread bangle.

She started this as a part-time job, but she wants to expand her horizons.


The only difficulty with her growth is she does the work Part time. Since she does it as a part-time, she is not able to reach up to the level.  But she said that,

“If I get orders, I can do and manage the orders”

 Family Support:


She said that “My family encourages me to do the work and without their help I could manage both home and business”.

She has planned to bring out products like silk thread made necklaces, thread-future, multi-color silk thread bangles. Even in Covid, she manages her time with the support of her family.

“Follow your passion — and if you don’t know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.”


 Most of her customers give her good and positive reviews. They like her bangle designs. Furthermore, you can also check out her silk thread bangles selection for the very best in unique handmade pieces from her. Silk thread bangle designs can perfectly support light.

Product life:

The products she makes will stand the test of time because they are handcrafted. However, she advises us to avoid wearing bangles in the water. You can purchase gorgeous handmade silk thread jewelry for every special occasion. This jewelry has the advantage of being pocket-friendly and light in weight.

Hurry up! You can order your favorite products and designs by contacting her

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