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Important Note : For secure donations, please use only the official Sood Charity Foundation website or its authorized platforms. Donations made elsewhere are at your own risk, and SCF assumes no responsibility for such transactions.

Support us at the Sood Charity Foundation by donating through our different channels and contribute to our mission to provide the masses throughout the country with state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

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Join The Sood Charity Foundation In Illuminating Lives

Meet Little Gulshan, a courageous young individual hailing from Nawada, Bihar, who was born with blindness. Imagine a life devoid of the vibrant colors, the affectionate smiles of dear ones, and the everyday wonders. However, a transformation has occurred in Gulshan’s life, all thanks to the intervention of Sonu Sood. His once dim world has now been illuminated with the gift of sight.

The metamorphosis in lives akin to Gulshan’s is a direct result of your support. By contributing to the Sood Charity Foundation, you become a catalyst for meaningful change. Your donations play an instrumental role in ensuring accessible healthcare and life-altering enhancements.


Help Us Make the World A Better Place! Join Our Hands To Save Lives!

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, founded the Sood Charity Foundation to build a brighter path for the underprivileged. His efforts aim towards helping them get access to better quality education, career opportunities, and sufficient healthcare systems, and assisting them in attaining self-reliance. Sonu Sood intends to transform the situations of disadvantaged individuals by providing them with the necessary resources required to lead a healthy and productive life. His work, and the perseverance that drives it, are taken to uplift and guide people beyond their economic limitations.

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General Fund

Tax Benefit: 50%

General Fund is created and maintained by our NGO to cover general expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This helps cover expenses vital to the running of the organisation. Expenses such as administrative expenses, various overheads are paid from the General Fund. Most NGOs maintain a General Fund to help them meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/cause/need or any unexpected expense which may arise during the course of running the organisation.