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The Story of Anandhi’s Step towards Eesan Oil Mill demo

“Success is not a big step in the Future,
Success is a small step taken right now”

The quote clearly defines Anandhi’s growth towards her business. Talking about Anandhi, he does not have a desire to start a business in the beginning but was rather borne out of necessity. The major reason before her initiative was to value ‘Health’ as her greatest treasure and also her family to live healthily. But she didn’t want it to keep this value within her but to also share it and so she started her business reaching out to people as many as possible selling ‘Homemade Organic Oil’.

According to a leading health expert DrShikha Sharma, one mustn’t stick to a single oil type but keep changing them. By doing such, rotating oil is a healthier option that gives the body the different kinds of essential fatty acids that it needs. And so this paved a way for anandhi to sell more and more organic oils to the people. After her initial struggles and fears, Anandhi started to sell more products like Coconut Oil, sesame Oil, Ground oil, Health mix etc.

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