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Decluttering your life: Why should you?

Your home is a clear depiction of yourself.

It’s said that one’s home is a mirror and reflects exactly what the homeowners’ personality is like. Every aspect of your home has a trace of you left behind, from the home décor to the paint to how clean your house is. People generally forget that a clean and neat home can have a direct relationship with their mental space.

Our homes are an energetic extension of ourselves. And this can also be seen through the stuff we possess in our homes. Every item we own is a reflection of our mental and emotional stature. This is why when it comes to decluttering; the whole process can be overwhelming. You are literally expected to let go of things that have an emotional or sentimental attachment to you. Things you own that are actually an emotional extension of yourself. It is important to realize and question yourself if some of these things have passed their expiration date in your life. Are these things helping you move on, or are they keeping you stuck?

The answers to these questions can be overwhelming when you look at that first ever toaster you bought which now is broken and is tucked away in the cupboard all dusty, or that unrequired painting you have hung up in the guest bedroom. But the questions might not seem much when you realize that this clutter of things is probably blocking the clear path and energy you should have in your mind. Even if it seems too farfetched, your clutter is projecting this energy into your daily life and you are knowingly or unknowingly pushing it away and ignoring it. 

Decluttering and deep cleaning your house are serious, energy-consuming work, unlike going to your yoga classes, acupuncture appointments, or visiting your therapist. This is why decluttering and getting rid of not-useful things can be life-changing in all senses. If practiced genuinely, you’ll notice that decluttering your house is one of the quickest ways to bring profound changes into your life. You are literally removing old stagnant energy and making space to bring in new positive and fresh energy. For a brief example, when you feel like studying for your exam for the degree you have been working hard for seems impossible; try cleaning your study desk and your nearby surroundings. The moment you look at that clean workspace you have created, it will make you want to sit down and study once again, and this time with a clear mind and no distractions.

Clutter is the physical representation of our emotional and mental blocks, and once you clear this clutter, you are automatically cleaning out the blocks that have been created in your mind, and this change can be brought in fast. Once you start realizing and getting the hang of what things are holding back the good energy, you are motivated to clear them up in the fastest way possible, and reorganizing your home can be a way to do so.

 The Fear of Empty Space

When a space that was once filled with your things and the memories associated with it is now empty, you start second-guessing your decisions and what made you do so. Just like we tend to hide our emotions in the closet and let them overflow, we are forced to throw things out unwillingly. As we live in today’s fast-paced world, being overwhelmed is one of the most predominant emotions, and unless we take steps to declutter our house, we are going to stay helpless and overburdened.

Most people complain about not having enough time to consider cleaning their houses, but as we all live in a time-constrained environment, it is important to sort out our priorities, and our mental wellbeing should without a doubt be included in the list. As we complain about not having enough time or space, we fail to understand that it is also because of how we have taken up responsibilities and things that are more than we can take, and in the end, they just stay as a burden and deflect our energy. For a lot of people, filling out empty spaces is very important, be it silence in a conversation, an empty canvas, an empty shelf, and more. A lot of us can find empty spaces uncomfortable. We find this need to cover up the empty space so that it shows some form of relativity.

Why do you ask? Empty spaces are where fear breeds. Empty spaces are where we are meant to be alone without thoughts that we have been running away from for so long. It forces us to confront our thoughts and problems. This, without a doubt, can leave us in fear. It makes us run our imaginations wild and thinks of things we have never dared to do before. In the midst of all this, we forget to appreciate the stillness and the serendipity that empty spaces can bring us.

Empty space is sometimes so filled with the beauty that we don’t see but can quite strongly feel. Nevertheless, it can be quite a big step and change for some people to accept and even adore these empty spaces, but life is all about learning to adapt to new things that benefit us in all the right ways. We should learn to realize the right time to let go of things, but as a matter of fact, there is no right time. No time is set as right. It is only when we feel it is deemed to be right that we call it the right time.

Starting Somewhere:

When we are faced with the quest to declutter, we always arrive at the question of “How much stuff is too much stuff?” and it’s quite normal to do so. It is quite common to relate letting go of things to letting go of memories. However, it’s not that case. It’s about realizing the importance of things you need and don’t need.

Those who admit to having a lot of stuff and are looking forward to decluttering their homes and lives have already taken a step towards self-growth and are accepting a challenge to make things better for themselves. Even thinking about it can be considered as a positive step. At the end of it all, it comes down to learning to let go and accept new things, and moving on towards brighter possibilities. The whole process of decluttering is going to leave you with a clean and home brimming with positive energy and a clean mental space too.

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