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Finding Successful business in the mundane

Ever come across stalls during an expo that make you want to turn back and take a second look? These stalls are essentially astonishing & creative, you just can’t miss no matter how hard you tried! So what makes these stalls unique and so cool? We wanted to know the answers and thus met the mastermind of KRSquare Fabrique, Raghavi to throw some light into this subtle but genius business. A few snippets from our rather long tee-a-tee

  • Your business is one of the most subtle but strong services I have come across.Please throw us some light into your busines

I’m into Stall fabrication business which is basically styling and decorating the stalls as per client requirements in a way as to attract audience attention. It’s something I’ve been doing for more than 7 years now. We, however, focus on strategic fabrication and brand activation.  We can proudly say that we have catered close to 900 plus events across 200 locations PAN India. 

  • What drove you into taking this business?

I started my career in event management with anchoring. But I had the continuous thought in me to do something that I can call my own. The idea of being my own boss appealed a lot to me. Ididn’t, however, get into this business directly. I wore a lot of hats in the event management business before I finally found my calling in stall fabrication. It hit a chord with me as I finally had something where I could work long hours yet come back home with a feeling of pure satisfaction.

  • What were the difficulties you faced in your initial days?

I wouldn’t call any of the days as struggle since the business appealed a lot to me. But unlike other B2B services, you don’t exactly get the space or time to connect with the clients. You will have to get down into the work, interact with the carpenters and make sure there’s no bottleneck in the supply chain. There have been days I’ve had to travel alone for an event to get the work done. On top of this,I’ve had “well-wishers” telling me that it’s not my cup of tea.I’m pretty glad I chose to follow my intuition anyway.

  • What kept you going in this industry for 8 years? What do you think clicked for you in the business?

To be honest with you, I Initially had no idea that this was what I wanted to do. After a lot of trial and error methods, I realized this is what I like. I had a strange feeling of satisfaction in this job. There have been days when the financials don’t sing a happy song, but one look at the clients face or a small appreciation gives me all the energy to face the next set of challenges.

  • Do you have any fond memories associated with this business?

There’s no one single good memory that I can point out! When you do something you love everything that happens associated with it automatically turns into a fond memory. Be it the travel, the food, the different culture, happy clients; they are all fond memories of a lifetime

  • We heard you got hitched recently! Congrats on the newly married status! How is your new family helping you out in balancing the business?

I’m still at loss for a word to describe how supportive my husband and in-laws have been. I’ve known my husband for a long time before we tied the knot and I think that’s very essential for marriage. My husband and in-laws push me to try out new things and never stop growing. My husband, in particular, has been my pillar of strength mentally and emotionally. He gave me the grit to never give up and keep my focus intact.

  • What advice would you like to give people who are trying to venture into your industry?

My only advice to any budding entrepreneur is to never stop trying new things. You never know when you would stumble across your life’s calling. That requires a lot of patience and trust in the process. All of us have it in us to succeed in life. What would set us apart from the rest is how long we are willing to wait and enjoy life as its happening. And stay fit so that you have the stamina to develop the qualities I mentioned (laughs)

“People like Raghavi show us that you don’t have to enter this world with a clear cut ambition or even a to-do list. They are living testimonies that you can get anything you want if you just learn to sit back and enjoy your journey!”

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