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Kerala Nurses Fighting Corona Virus

Reeja Vishnu, who works as a medical staff with Kalamaseri Medical College and Hospital in Kochi narrated her experience handling Corona, affected patients through the breakout:

“I was given the responsibility to handle patients in the corona ward. I took up the job with full vigor. My shift usually lasts for 4 hours. But I had to report 1 hour in advance to equip myself with the safety gears in order to prevent any infection

Since Corona affected patients are kept in complete isolation their general mental health and spirits are low. I made it a point to make small talk with them as much as I could and reassure them that everything will turn out fine. I remember the dread I used to feel everytime a new patient would be admitted to the ward. I walked into the hospital everyday with a hope that today would be the day this pandemic will finally end.

Though we had to wear safety gear for our own protection it made life pretty difficult for us. We were unable to use the restrooms. We would continuously feel hot and sweaty all day.

Every day after my shift I used to shower multiple times and commuted to my home on a two-wheeler to avoid spreading any infection. I used to take another shower after reaching home.

I have a 2-year-old kid at home. I forced myself to stop giving my baby mother’s milk soon after I was given the responsibility of the ward. My child used to wail all night without mother’s milk but I had to stick to my decision for the sake of my family’s safety.

It would be a day of celebration for the medical staff every time a patient recovered from the disease and went back to join their family. If I’m being real, we were as elated as the patient’s family over their recovery.  Consequently, we also pray that we shouldn’t get more people admitted under the effect of Corona”

We sincerely hope the tables turn in favour of humanity.

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