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Kicking Corona Our Way

The New year began just a month ago and the world is already facing its first disease outbreak. Corona Virus has managed to strike terror in the hearts of citizens from around the world. Originally discovered in China as a viral pathogen having the same construct as its predecessor Saars, the viral disease has already claimed the lives of 40 people.

A lot has already been said about the viral disease and its symptoms. However, very few articles remain on what to eat to gain immunity from the disease. Listed out below are the dietary products to be taken to battle the virus effectively:


Garlic is well known for its powerful anti-viral properties. It is known to boost the immune system when consumed with a spoon of honey and a clove everyday.


Another ingredient that can act as an immune system booster in conjunction with honey is ginger. Mashed ginger with raw honey and a pinch of star anise is a powerful anti-viral combination

Vitamin C Rich Food

Vitamin C is an important constituent in building bodily immunity. Foods like amla, red pepper, broccoli, orange, lemon, Brussel sprouts in limited quantities can help in the anti-viral battle 

Rice and Beetroot 

Rice is a no brainer to most Indians when it comes to healthy food. However one can eat rice in the form of porridge (Kanji) for better immunity building. Adding beetroot to the mix accelerates the process 


Minerals like Zinc and Selenium are essential to bodily immunity. Thereby, one can have food rich in Zinc like Almonds, Pistachios, pumpkin seeds and unsalted cashew nuts for a holistic immune system

Since the virus has never mutated in human beings before, the observation of the virus could take longer. It is thus upto us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try out levels best to avoid exposing ourselves to any possible affected environment 

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