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Lifeskills every child should know

Your child has scored his/her first-ever centum in a test or a trophy in sports. You are so happy that you are literally bubbling with joy. You take out your child for some ice-cream where they fuss about wanting more than one flavour or pouting that the one you got them wasn’t up to the mark. If you are going to brush it aside because “their behavior is okay as long as they excel” it’s one of the biggest mistakes you could make as a parent. Your child might be able to recite the entire Periodic table backward or give Babita Phogat a run for her money. But is this really what you want for your child to learn?

Every child needs to learn a few essential lifeskills which, sadly, almost no educational institution bothers to cultivate. However, as a parent, it is never too late to teach them to your child. Trust us, your child will thank you copiously in their later years for teaching it to them

Response and Rection

Nations rise and fall because of how leaders respond to situations under pressure. As a parent, you must help your child separate themselves from the emotion and focus on the situation at hand to enable them to have the power to decide with a calm mind

 Focus and Self Control

It would help greatly when you teach your child to have timetables around which they can schedule their entire day so that they get the best of everything. It teaches them time-management and also keeps them from pouring all their energy on one thing


One of the best skills you can teach your child is to learn to communicate. That doesn’t mean s/he should go jabbering to everyone. Your child must be okay with expressing good and bad emotions as they come in a healthy way. As a parent, it is for you to be open to them so that they understand their own emotions and learn to master them


Adults face complex problems on a daily basis. A good majority of us get stuck in the rut because our minds have been trained to just follow instructions and not analyse details. Give your child simple mental exercises early on to increase their sense of curiosity and questioning. It would not only make them more inclined to learning but also aid them towards finding their calling

Facing a Challenge

Most people tend to get discouraged and give up when faced with issues that overwhelm them. Your child should not be “most people”. Teach your child to take small measurable risks and track their results so that they feel more excited than anxious when they face obstacles in the future

Self Learning

This is one of the toughest but most rewarding life skills. If you have been successful in teaching this to your child, consider yourself a winner. A child who loves learning becomes an adult who is rarely bored in life. To encourage a love of learning, try to limit television and encourage plenty of reading, play, and open-ended exploration

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