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The art of giving

The Art of Giving

We have stepped into a new decade and human life is getting more mechanical than ever. We have slowly moved on from being a community-centered living to a “my life-my family” type of situations. Forever relationships and marriages have now been replaced by speed dating and fear of commitment. Crimes have hiked by leaps and bounds. If we take a moment to sit back and wonder why it all happened, the answer will be pretty simple. We have all forgotten what it means to give  

Our life itself is an endless journey of giving and take. From our childhood into late adulthood, every giving and taking have been an integral part of life. However as life began to unfurl and experiences began to pile on, humans developed the tendency to take first without a thought of giving back. This becomes a pattern where we either take more than we give or give more than we take. The end results are jealousy, greed, depression, violence or even suicide.

The best way to balance this imbalanced system is to always keep an account of what we receive from our surroundings and make small, but conscious efforts into giving back to our surroundings in any way we can. No one has ever received less by giving more. The universe is a boomerang and always gives back two-fold of whatever has been put into it. The next time someone does a sweet gesture for you, continue the circle and repeat a similar gesture to someone else. The Domino effect on you would be enough to satisfy your soul.    

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