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This can help you sail through Lockdown

We are stepping into day 55 of the national lockdown and we would be lying to ourselves if we say everything is “peachy” Needles to say, there’s a lot of time in hand to kill with almost nothing new or interesting to do. If you have been experiencing sleepless nights, change in your general schedule, irritability or even hopelessness, you are not alone. 

Getting boxed within four walls can be really hard on people, especially if you are super extroverted. In such difficult times we all deserve a little self-love and what better way to do that than self-care? Listed below are 7 self care tips to help you sail through the lockdown and come out with your sanity intact (hello extroverts) 


Nothing lifts up a bad mood like good food. And if you are one of those people whose best ever dish was maggi, we suggest you explore new ones and experiment on the population around you. Granted you might burn a few pans but the satisfaction you get when your dish comes out well the fourth time is inexplicable! 

Reconnect with Friends 

When was the last time you picked up the phone to catch up with your college friends? Feels like a million years ago right? The lockdown is the perfect time to dial your college or high school bestie and relive some happy memories! 

Practice your long forgotten self care routine

A lot of frustration can exhibit physically in the form of acne or hair loss. Take your sweet time to go through your morning self-care routine and your bedtime routine. You can also experiment with some home-made masks as well as face packs. Use this time solely for yourself and you might just waltz out of the lockdown looking like a million bucks! 


Don’t let the lockdown confine you to your Netflix and Prime accounts! Help your legs remember what they were originally used for before the lockdown started. Give yourself a daily 15 minute exercise to get your energy going and to shake off any iota of lethargy that might creep into you 


For the love of God! We know its hard to not watch “Just-one-more-episode” of Friends or Money heist. But know that you are potentially harming your health by depriving yourself of some much needed rest. It will take you forever to reset your body clock once you mess with it 

Get Creative 

Creativity often gives your brain the much needed boost to break free from boredom. Pick up any form of art and let your creative juices flow. While you are at it, dont worry about having to be the best at it as long as you enjoy the process Give Your Old Skill a Second Chance We are sure that there was one skill you were particularly good at back in your teens but threw it to the dogs once you visited “the real world” No skill is ever pointless. Take the time to revisit your skill and remind yourself why you fell in love with it in the first place.

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