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20 Tips to Be a Good Parent in 2020

With technology taking up a major part of our lives, core areas of our lifestyles have undergone rapid changes. If there is one area that has evolved over the years at a drastic level, it is parenting styles. The way generation X was raised shows huge variations in comparison to Gen Z. Though the change in parenting techniques have been a welcome change in most cases, psychologists have observed a stark pattern of toxic upbringing with parents of Gen Z. The problem is that most parents unknowingly introduce toxicity into their children’s lives mistaking it to be protected. Listed below are a few parenting tips that would help bring up emotionally healthy children

  1. Do not try to fix your children’s problems for them
  2. Do not meet out severe punishments under the name of discipline
  3. Always play with your child
  4. Teach them to take no for an answer
  5. Encourage them to have interests outside studies
  6. Apologize to them when you are wrong
  7. Respect differences of opinion and be open to discuss a different point of view
  8. Do not admonish your child for being emotionally vulnerable in front of you
  9. Allot small jobs for your kids from an early age
  10. Always say “I Love You” to your kids
  11. Make as many happy memories with them as possible
  12. Encourage your kids to move out of the house and socialize
  13. Educate your kid on physical hygiene
  14. Do not overload your kid with your expectations
  15. Teach them the importance of following a healthy routine
  16. Teach your kid to stand up for themselves
  17. Encourage kids to ask you as many intrusive questions as possible
  18. Set firm but fair boundaries for your kid
  19. Do not try to control your kid’s social relationships
  20. Teach your child about “good touch” and “bad touch”

With the current generation being exposed to a lot of social media, parenting has become harder than ever. However, it also opens new venues to form strong emotional bonds with your children when you behave more like a confidant to them than as a strict guardian    

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