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Environmental Cleanliness

With our times progressing, care and concern for our environment have begun to take the forefront. The growing population, industrial expansion and rapid growth of communication have forced our current generate to address the need for a better and healthier environment for our future generation.

We are connected to the Earth and all her components either directly or indirectly.  The existence of every element in nature follows a complex pattern of interlinks. Our environment provides us food, energy and all the resources required for our existence. Nature acts as a live laboratory that helps unlock new wonders to the human race every day.

Sadly the human interaction with the environment is becoming gradually toxic and poses a threat of complete destruction of life and habitat. Though we humans provide our own social, economical or cultural reasons to exploit the environment, it does not overrule the fact that we are causing irreparable damage to nature

Why Environmental Cleanliness?

Clean is a condition where our surroundings are devoid of waste matter. Clean surroundings are typically free of toxic wastes, garbage, and other disposals. It is mandatory to take up measures to build a proper system of waste disposal and management in order to bring consistency in keeping the surroundings clean.

Though hard to comprehend, manmade pollutions have an indirect effect on our health conditions. On a micro level, a changing environment indicates evolving surroundings. However, if the changes are happening on a macro level it leads to environmental degradation

Cleaning is a systematic process. When applied to environments it is curated as per the nature of the damage done to result in faster mitigation. It locates, identifies  and analyses the physical aspects of the environment before finalizing on a method to clean it.

If done effectively, our country has the potential to host a repository of environmentally friendly elements that can be useful not just for us but can also act as a forerunner to the rest of the world 

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