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Hacks to use Instagram to expand your Influence during Lockdown

Make your content strategy the king!

Yes, you heard that right. Content alone will not lead you anywhere. Especially during a lockdown period as this.

While most of your competitors will be following their basic instinct to retreat, this is your chance to get ahead before the eventual economic boom that’s to follow. Remember, this is not the “new normal” it’s just a temporary blip in the business world.  

Post Consistently

With a lot of time in your hands, you can game up your Insta presence by posting more frequently. This doesn’t mean you spam your follower’s feed. Try to post at least once a day, to let your followers know how your business is doing and any changes that are being made due to the Coronavirus.

Make use of hashtags

Your Insta post is not complete without hashtags. Using hashtags helps you pinpoint content for specific audience. It makes it easier for users to find your post by making use of the hashtag. This is an excellent way to increase impressions and reach unique accounts.Keep a list of trending hashtags and always have an eye for the topical content of the day.

@Mention and communicate

Make sure your mention you mention brands or individuals who take an interest in your product/service.This is a sure shot way to increased visibility through them when they reshare your posts/stories.

Contact influencers

If you are into B2C business, take time off to research and identify social media ‘influencers’ that you feel would benefit from your product/service (if your service can still be provided). Try to reach out to them and if possible, you could even send them a free sample of your product/service in exchange for their review of the product on their wall. 

Humanise your brand

The COVID-19 landscape is difficult to navigate, with raging debates on people questioning the use of the pandemic to leverage marketing campaigns. Make sure you refrain from projecting your brand as one that benefits from the crisis. This is a sensitive time for us all and make sure you don’t step on any toes with your advertising.Use social media to add value to your followers by spreading hope and positivity.

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