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So you just binge-watched the Paris Fashion Week and have majorly crushed on the male and female models alike. You are now deciding that you want a physique like theirs while munching on your french fries and tub ice-creams. You’ve realized you have been eating unhealthy and have decided to eat right from now on. Now, how can we make this process simple, easy to follow and most importantly, bearable for you? Find out from the hacks given below

  1. Blot pizza oil

Blotting the extra oil on your favourite pizza can save you from gobbling down an extra 50 calories every slice. It’s always good to gradually cut down your comfort food instead of just throwing them away abruptly

  • Top Pasta or Pizza with garlic powder or pepper instead of cheese

This is another way saving 50 calories yet enjoying your comfort food anyway

  • Add more seeds to your peanut butter

Seeds like chia, flax, sunflower, and pumpkin have very high-calorie content in them. Mixing them up with your peanut butter or smoothies gives you the perfect wholesome meal your body deserves

  • Bake or grill instead of frying

This one is a no-brainer really. Frying demands the use of cooking oil to produce a properly cooked food leading to calorie built up. This problem is completely overruled in case of baking.

  • Pre-cut Carrots and Celreies and store them in glass jars

It is always a good idea to cut your carrots or celeries and store them in a glass jar so that they remain fresh for a longer time. Adding water to the glass jar furthers their shell life

  • Keep chocolates at the far end of the pantry

It is human nature to go for the sweets every time you lay eyes on it. Thus, keep the chocolates away from your line of sight and replace them with cereals or nuts

  • Keep a glass of water next to you

Staying hydrated at regular intervals is very important. Always have a glass full of water with lime slices cut in the next to you so that you can take regular sips and stay hydrated

  • Replace chips bowl with nut bowls

Always have a bowl of nuts instead of chips next to you while you are busy.It not only helps to control your cravings but also encourages people around you to share your healthy way of eating

  • Combine 2 carbs and turn it into protein

Because 2 is always better and healthier than one

  1. Stuff Spinach and Tomatoes into your cheese sandwich

This works off usually as a cheat meal. But also helps to not start binging on too many calories  

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