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Tips for new mothers

Tips for New Mothers

So you have just welcomed your little bundle of joy into this world. You can feel yourself losing out on the rest of the world from the second you look at your baby’s face. Your hands lovingly explore and caress every little part of this wonder. However, the reality and the responsibilities kick you in the face quite early from then on. The constant feeding, diaper changing and loss of sleep can take a huge toll on the health of the mother. Listed below are a few tips for new mommies to keep themselves healthy while taking care of their little ones

  1. Try not to overwork yourself. Granted that the baby can take up a huge chunk of your day but there is no pressure on you to be the perfect mother and wife at the same time. Let the little things go
  2. Get your friends/extended family to help you with the meals now and then
  3. Do not let visitors swarm your place to see the baby. Have a limit on the number of visitors you would want to have per day
  4. Take short power naps along with your baby. There is no need to follow routine sleep
  5. When breastfeeding, always keep some breastmilk stored away so that your partner can take up the job of feeding the baby while you sleep
  6. Do not lose out on eating a balanced food
  7. Drink as much of fluids as you can a day
  8. Do not depend too much on medicines and tranquilizers for any physical relief
  9. Learn to share the responsibilities with other people around you when you feel stressed and tired
  10. Choose food with maximum calories like meats, beans, vegetables. Fruits, rice and cereals for your daily nutrition needs
  11. Avoid spicy or gassy foods

Motherhood is an amazing time for both the mother and the baby. If you are looking to enjoy motherhood to the fullest, the secret is this: learn to let things go and not try to be perfect. You are the best mother for your child anyway 

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