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Madhu Saran – aspiring Women Entrepreneur

On Women Entrepreneurship day, November 18, 2016; Chennai based Women Entrepreneur Madhu Saran was named ‘Women Entrepreneurship Day Global Ambassador of India’ at an event which held in the UN headquarters in New York. The day is celebrated for the women who are in business, globally and support them in all their business activities and encourage them. “I’ve always been independent and wanted to continue being so,” she says in a chat with City Express.

On the eve of Women’s day at Jeeva Park in Chennai; the mobile coffee shop, ‘Mami House of Coffee’ which works with only women labors attracted everyone. She gave an interview to Vikatan. “I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years. I first did Commerce and then I studied Engineering. In the year 2000 I started a software company called STC (Soft Testing Company). In that, about 800 women work, and women from rural areas feel difficulties in interacting with others. To overcome that reluctance, we train and hire women to start their own businesses. No one should be paralyzed by poverty. When she asked for a loan of Rs 30 lakh in bank to start a software company in 2009, she was asked to provide about 93 documents. After giving all those documents, she got a loan of only two lakhs. As it is now, borrowing loan from the bank was not easy then. This incident also created an impact in me to help others in self-employment. Each state has different specialized industries and my ambition is to find those businesses and make women entrepreneurs,” she says.

“Women, who are all doing small businesses at home, such as pickles, handcrafts, and handmade items, need to be taken to the next level. For beginners we will only be mediators. We provide solutions for their doubts. A lot of engineering students are staying at home without adequate job skills. We need to create a better future for them. We look forward to do more things for their betterment through our charity called ‘River’. No women in the future will be expecting anyone for the economy. They will fulfill the need with their hard work,” says Madhu Saran in Vikatan.

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