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Random of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Restoring Faith in Humanity

Its been hardly three months into 2020 and the world has already faced the threats of World War III, the deadly Corona Virus and an ever whopping crime rate. When the last trace of humanity seems to have left the planet, the following incidents stand as a ray of hope that maybe there is hope for humanity

Green Crafting

Massachusetts resident Judy O’Brien introduced the idea of crocheting with plastic in order to make water-resistant mats for homeless people. She sais she and her community would continue to crochet plastic till the material is banned

Rescue Reunion

The Californian animal control authorities rescued 78 bulldogs from a breeder. The mutts were in terrible shape physically and mentally after so many years of being tortured. More than 3000 people came forward to rescue the pups. Out of them, 18 rescuers meet up every year to check how far the mutts have come with love and support

School Styling

Anthony Ledesma, Victor Erwin, and Aaron Flowers (from left) were hairdressers who gave free hair cuts to hundreds of kids in order for them to go to school

Superhero Mania

Members of the Aurora Police Strategic Response Team devised a brilliant plan to surprise the patients at the Children’s Hospital, Colorado.  Officers dressed up as our favourite superheroes rappeled up and down the building greeting children on the way

Canine Calls

A dog got rescued by unknown helpers during the aftermath of a hurricane. The photo was caught where the mutt was safely transported to dry land in a makeshift boat by 2 unknown people

Small Size Huge Heart

4-year-old Austin Perine of Birmingham learned that there are people in the world who do not have access to homes or food This affected him so deeply that he requested his parents to use the money they spend on him for toys to buy Chicken burgers and distribute them to the homeless people instead

A whimper for help

Asmita Biswas, a Bengaluru professional came across a wounded puppy on her way back from work. Keen to save the dog, she held him in her arms looking for someone to help her. After 45minutes of pleading for a ride, a car stopped in front of her, It turned out to be her manager who immediately attended to the situation and the puppy was saved.

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