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Top 10 Small Business Ideas

You have decided to be your own boss and start a business that would help you lead the life of your dreams. However, there is one small problem; You have no idea what business you need to venture into or what field you should take up. Before you lose your cool or your motivation to branch out on your own, consider the following20 small business ideas that you can start easily with minimum capital

  1. Yoga Centre

With the present life going mechanical at its best, stress has become an everyday thing for all of us. Yoga is the best way to relieve stress and stay healthy at the same time. Yoga centers require minimal investment and give back maximum returns

  1. Catering Business

It’s hard to walk into a locality and not find at least 3-4 food joints in there. Food is a huge market with lots of untapped potentials. Grandma’s amazing recipes that you got can be turned into a flourishing business

  1. Travel Agencies

You will not come across a person who says they would love to stay indoors forever. Travel is an essential and permanent aspect of everyone’s life. Helping people get the best travel experiences can be a profitable business idea

  1. Chocolate Cafes

Admit it! Most women love chocolates more than their significant others. Chocolate is the singular food that is a favourite across multiple age groups. Any business begun with chocolates has never met with loss.

  1. Fitness Programs

Thanks to the likes of Salman and Katrina Kaif people would like to get into shape now more than ever. Know easy methods to reduce fat built up? Start your own fitness program. The minimum profit margin is in lakhs

  1. Data Backup

We are pretty sure you have heard of the jargon “ Data is the new oil” all over Linkedin and other professional websites. If you have all the right tools to collect data and even better, analyse them then consider yourself to have hit gold

  1. Interior Designing

Who doesn’t want their houses or restaurants to look like a piece of art? If you are the type of person with an eye for aesthetics and street smart enough to get the best things at a low cost, Interior design is your calling

  1. Children’s Educational Programs

With schools ripping off money left right and centre, children are burdened more and more with studies with almost no access to any extracurriculars. If you can teach concepts to children in a fun and engaging way, go ahead and start your own centre

  1. Software Product and App Development

Though this area has been ventured into way too much by our population, it has always had a continuously growing market scope. Especially with the continuous updates in the technology of our daily devices, software services are more needed now than ever

  1. Consulting Services

This usually works well for people who have been in a particular industry for a long time. You will be more receptive to the pain points of your clients. However, it never hurt anyone to walk into consulting early on in life

Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses as many people might want it to look. It has its own ups and downs. However, the end result is always worth the journey. Take up entrepreneurship when you are mentally ready to face whatever may come. At the end of the day, you would be proud of yourself for having created something that is uniquely yours.

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