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Respecting Elders

Treating Elders Right

A common trait observed in today’s youth is their way of respecting elders. Gone are the days when back answering was a taboo and one might probably be shunned for doing it. Most teens these days find it cool to snub their parents when they express genuine concern towards the child’s welfare. It is never wrong to stand up for yourself if your boundaries are being breached by anyone inclusive of parents. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that parents, sometimes, overreact owing to their excessive concern and over protectiveness. Listed below are a few ways to present a different point of view to your elders without disrespecting them

  1. Hear them out fully

Do not get immediately defensive on the first word of criticism. Make yourself an observer of the situation and listen to everything your elder has to say. In some cases, there might be chances that their criticisms have a solid reason 

  • Put across your opinions slowly but firmly

Once you are done listening to them, ask them to wait patiently in a similar way and hear you out. Bring forth your points of view and also address their concerns while talking to them. Do not try to belittle or counter criticize them.

  • Give them space to think

Most of the older generation find it hard to empathize with the current generation owing to completely different points of view. However, give them space and time to let your words sink into their brains without rushing them.

  • Own up to your mistakes

If in case your elder was right about a situation, own up for your mistake and take measures correcting it. Do not try to defend your mistakes. It will lower your credibility in their eyes

  • Do not accept any demeaning remarks

Elders tend to talk or treat younger generations in a way that may be toxic sometimes. Though unintentional on their side, it is wrong and you should stand up for yourself. Choose to walk away from any conversation that puts you down or brings down your self-esteem

Though our thoughts and perceptions might clash more than necessary, the older generation mostly does what they do because that is their only known way of protecting you from the hardships they faced in life. It might look seemingly difficult to see things from their point of view but the end results can be extremely fruitful to both sides and give rise to a new wave of intimacy.  

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