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Working for a Cause

With the 21st century stepping into its second decade, We,  Generation Z are beginning to graduate from college. We have seen the major wave of transition in technology and even societal culture. Given the fact that Gen Z is bigger in numbers than Gen X, the future direction of the society depends completely on us.

Growing up in the age of the internet has exposed us to different races, thought processes, cultures, ideas and even sexual orientations. The decision lies now with us on how to make use of the information in hand. As we can see, more and more college graduates are beginning to take up jobs that give a meaning to them rather than just stick to the financial security that Generation X heavily relied on. A more commendable change is the rise of social awareness among a lot of Gen Z’s who are taking active participation in many social cause-based campaigns

Though the awareness has just begun, many Gen Zs still remain clueless as to what to do with the amount of information they are left to process on a daily basis. It is, therefore, extremely important to encourage everyone to take active participation in any social cause that they relate strongly with. Nothing ever teaches one about life and vision better than instances when one rallies for a social cause. Active social workers have a better sense of self and direction in life in comparison to those who do not take time out for social causes.

Some of the surging social causes taken up by youngsters these days are educational equity, women empowerment, animal welfare, public health, and sexual harassment. It is not necessary to quit your full-time job and throw yourself into social work. However, taking out time every week to focus on issues larger than yourself would give you a sense of satisfaction and clarity that a software job rarely provides  

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