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1. Get moving

It’s all too easy to become glued to your desk when working from home, especially if you don’t have a friendly coworker to remind you to get a coffee or take a break. We’d ordinarily work off some of this tension by going to the gym or swimming. According to recent research from the University of Queensland, moderate physical exercise boosted people’s cognitive performance by 5% for males and 14% for women weekly. Fortunately, there are a variety of basic workouts you can do at home or using common household items that can suffice. Exercise activities at home might include doing lunges indoors, using a bag of rice as a dumbbell, and following along with a video.

2. Eat a delicious meal

The meals you eat have a significant impact on maintaining your brain in top operating order. Food is also an excellent mood enhancer. According to nutrition experts, fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, dark chocolate, turmeric, and coffee are some of the best foods for supporting your brain and memory. If coffee plays as one of the highlights of your morning (or day), you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s also excellent for you. Caffeine enhances your mood by sharpening your concentration, increasing alertness, and improving your general mood.

3. Meditate

It’s no secret that we’re all a little stressed out right now, so now is the ideal time to check out some virtual meditations from the comfort of your own home. Meditation, even for 10 minutes a day, can boost cognitive performance dramatically. Learn how to meditate regularly and acquire practical skills to help you relax with Alexa’s Guided Meditation of the Day for Calm skill. You may choose from over 70 guided mindfulness activities. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply…

By the time the lockdown is lifted, you should be able to leave the pandemic brain behind and feel more like a human being again.

4. Daily trivia

To avoid brain fog and poor motivation, it’s critical to keep the mind occupied while we’re at home. If you’re on the verge of losing it because of a Love Island episode, Alexa’s Question of the Day skill can keep you occupied. Every day, Alexa asks you a new trivia question ranging from arts and entertainment to literature and science. You may begin each day by learning a fun fact, and as you go, you will earn points. It will also keep you occupied and provide entertainment.

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