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5 Weird but Fun Ways to Unwind After Work

Work, as we know, can be extremely stressful! There are so many parts of the day that are out of our control. It is quite natural to come home in the evening tired or even in a bad mood that can go affect a lot of the activities you might have wanted to that night. A lot of the stress we carry from work can affect our environment at home and spoil moods.

It’s quite important to realize that we need to relieve that stress we have been building up for a while. Anything that can help you with that cause should be given at least 15 minutes of your time daily so that you can unwind properly.


There’s something about adult coloring books, with the millions of lines and complicated patterns that can completely distract your mind. After a busy or stressful day, there’s nothing we want more than to be reminded that there’s more to our world than the stress we are currently dealing with.

If you’ve never tried an adult coloring book, absolutely try it! The pages might look complicated but once you get into it you slowly realize that your mind had eased out of that overthinking stage and is now only concentrated on the page open in front of you. This gives you the ability to completely step out of your day and practice your mindfulness, which is great for stress relief.

2.  A WALK

You might know it but a breath of fresh air can do wonders in cleansing your mind. To make it more enjoyable if you like you can put on an episode of your favorite podcasts or play your playlist on Spotify put some earphones on go on about your walk. Without any specific place to go, you feel it relaxing to move your body, without working it too hard, and take in the scenery.


There’s nothing that will make you feel relaxed like a little self-care. Self-care means something different for everyone, but there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold and a nice-smelling facemask. Not only are you giving your face the treatment it requires but you are also helping yourself to unwind from that stressful day you had. You will feel refreshed knowing that you’re not only taking care of your physical body while mentally you’re relaxing.


It’s really important to understand where you get your energy from. Some people get energy from other people, so spending time with friends is one of the best things you can do after you have a long day. Being able to talk to other people, understanding that everyone has challenges at work (and it’s not just you, and get out of the mode you were previously in can help).

You don’t even have to get Happy Hour with friends. Try taking a walk or going to a workout class with friends, that can help too.


Once you figure out what kind of books would help you unwind (either completely trashy or self-help), you will be able to sit down with it for hours. It might take a while to find the type of books you like as an adult, but once you do you will not be able to stop.

Try testing out a few books that you’d like to read, and see which ones help you relax the most! Then, go to town and start reading.

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