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A superhero like ‘Face shield’ Invention – Biodegradable ‘Face Shield 2.0’

B. Mohan Aditya, a third-year mechanical engineering student from SRM University College, was thrilled to find a biodegradable face shield that costs just 15 rupees and it can also be adjusted.

He also holds the patent for his “Face Shield 2.0”, the mask is made by a thin layer of 175-micron recyclable plastic. This shield comes with a more durable headband made from 3 plies- corrugated cardboard at the same time. Face Shield 2.0 acts as exterior protection for the nose, eyes and mouth.

“Due to the use of biodegradable materials, the price of the face mask has been fixed at Rs.15. The face shield 2.0 is adjustable and is designed to fit in all the head sizes.”

Last year Mohan Aditya from Andhra Pradesh discovered his Face shield. He subsequently filed an application under the IPR (Intellectual Property) for his face shield design in May at the Indian Patent Office in Kolkata. Accordingly, copyrights was granted this year. Earlier in the day, Andhra Pradesh Education Minister and MP Shri Adimulappu Suresh took his mask and distributed Mohan’s invented face shield 2.0 to state police officers, paramedics and other frontline personnel stationed in the controlled areas.

“With increasing environmental degradation, we need to create eco-friendly products and become environmentally friendly. So, I thought of making face shields from reusable plastic and cardboard. The mask I found was easily distorted.”

After discovering a shortage in the provision of personal protective equipment (BPE) worldwide, an idea struck my mind. I immediately began researching the development of quality equipment to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. I thank those who supported me during difficult times, answering all my doubts amid challenging situations, ”he said.

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