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How to Ease into a Habit of Reading

There are so many benefits to reading books.

But let’s face it: It can be challenging to motivate ourselves to read a 382-page book when we can watch the movie, listen to the audiobook, or watch a YouTube video summary instead.

Reading serves a different purpose for different people, for some reading enthusiasts it is a way to escape reality even for a little while that is, some read to distress, others do to educate themselves, some for improving their linguistic skills, and many more. But as video streaming platforms have been on a rise we seem to forget about the joy of reading a book. As we flow along with the busy lifestyles we forget to take some time out to enjoy our own company. And what else but reading can help you get that little span of peace.

1.  Start with your favorite subject

If you pick up a best seller as your first book, you will almost certainly fail to understand why it turned so famous. The chances of you reading more than 50 pages are unlikely. Even if you do, you will need a very long time.

After completing the book, you ask yourself, “If a best-selling book could only impress me so little, how will the other books fare?”

Instead, pick up a book from the topic you like. If you love sports, pick a biography of your favorite sportsperson. If you are into psychology, pick a book that covers a topic you like. If you like science, pick a book that piques your interest.

2. Set aside time for reading

If you do not make reading a habit, you will not persist with it for long. Set aside a small amount of time that does not demand too much of your schedule. You can start with 10 minutes a day. Feel free to skip the weekends if you want to. As much as possible, try to stick to the same time every day. You can read before you start your day, before bed, or after lunch. Since 10 minutes is all you need, you won’t have to change anything to accommodate your new habit. If you follow an irregular schedule of traveling and working ad-hoc routines every day, feel free to use 10 minutes whenever you find them. Whenever you tell yourself, “I am busy today to read,” you are only making an excuse.

3. Read thinner books when you start

When you pick a thick book, you encounter a mental block. “Damn, I need to flip those many pages to finish the book,” you tell yourself as you slide the book back into the drawer. Choosing a thinner book gives you a psychological edge because you know the effort required is lesser. Completing a not-so-great 150 pager is better than opting for 450-page monsters that you will never finish. To make that better, you now have a completed book under your belt. Read a couple more, and you have built the confidence of reading and made it a habit.

4. Carry your book around

How many times in a day do you feel lazy? I am not sure about you, but I get bored for short periods at least a few times every day. Sometimes I relax, and sometimes I pick a book on my desk.Try and make sure to have a book on your working desk at work and home. When you make reading easy, you will stick to the habit more often.

5. Do not take notes

 Though the exercise had many benefits, it will start giving off a sense of discomfort whenever you’ll have to pick a book because of the effort involved. One should want to make reading as easy as possible, which in turn makes it enjoyable. Feel free to skip this tip based on your style. Some people like to read, ponder, and keep notes to return to the book again. Some others like me prefer going through a book in a flow with minimal interruptions. Choose what works best for you.

6. Target pages per day

When you plan to read a book, you hold it across, check the thickness and place it back on the shelf. The thought of reading those many pages seems like an uphill task. By reading 10 pages a day, completing a book would take forever, you think.

Do you know how many books would you finish if you read 10 pages a day? Most people can easily read 10 pages in half an hour. An average book personal development book consists of 200 pages. At that reading pace, you will gobble up 18 books in a year.

In 3 years, with over 50 books under your belt, your knowledge and awareness will skyrocket.

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