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How to get over the Midday Slump

It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and you’ve just had lunch, but all you can think about is a power nap, but contradicting that thought, you have a pile of work on your desk that you need to finish. How tragic is that?

You might not know this, but office nap rooms are an actual thing in countries like Japan.

But in other countries, taking a nap at work might come across as irresponsible and sloppy. Additionally, sleeping on the job can be frowned upon, but the truth is that afternoon naps are known to increase performance and boost energy in people at work, and with more than half the population these days being sleep deprived, a short midday power nap can be a lot of help to get over the midday slump.

Here are some ways in which non-sleep activities can help you beat the midday slump.


If you are one of those who look for a small sugary bite for a quick energy boost, you ought to know that those effects are very short-lived and you might just find it even harder than normal to feel sloppy. The best way to satisfy this sugar craving can be by having dark chocolate by your side all the time, at least at work. This is a smarter move than actually munching on milk chocolates and also has amazing benefits.


A lot of the foods with the big showy label of being called “healthy” are far from that reality. All these energy drinks or flavored water that we consume are labeled with words such as energy preserve, focus and all of that are just plain drinks loaded with sugar. The same applies to a lot of the granola bars that you will probably find in your nearby shops or vending machines. You are not only consuming unidentified ingredients but harming your diet too.

The only solution to this is to prepare your snacks, and the benefit is that you at least know what is going on in your body. Also, healthier foods have better effects on your energy level. The snack can vary from homemade granola bars to freshly made smoothies or anything else you like.


If you work behind a computer all day, then you are bound to suffer its implications, such as back pain, headaches, and whatnot. Even if it is for a bit, if you can get away from your desk and take a small walk it can energize you enough for the rest of your work time. Maybe take a small stroll around your floor or get out of the building, breathe in some fresh air, look at the sky and the cars passing by, and come back. You will find yourself in a better mood and also a clear mind which will instigate better work.


Dehydration can have a lot of effects on your concentration, sleep levels, tiredness, and fatigue, and this is why it is important to always stay hydrated. Drinking a big glass of water right after waking up can also be of help. If you are not used to drinking water, you can change it up a bit and add herbs or fruit to it to make a healthy, flavored drink.

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