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Top 5 Facebook ad trends to look out for in 2022

1. The popularity of video continues to grow.

When it comes to increasing user engagement, video captures attention in a way that neither photos nor text can.

Video, which can range from simple slideshows to classic commercial-style advertisements, now accounts for nearly half of the time users spend on Facebook? This wide-reaching format produces a significant return on investment when combined with proper targeting and a call-to-action, and it simply cannot be disregarded by any modern marketing plan.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook now makes each video in a feed soundless by default, so you’ll need to add subtitles to go along with the photos to get your point through.

2. Social media postings that are consistent lead to success.

While Snapchat was the first to provide 24-hour stories, Instagram and Facebook have long since followed suit. Every day, 300 million people use Facebook stories, and the opportunity to leverage this attention into business is tantalizing, to say the least.

Stories may be used in Facebook advertising to increase engagement. Successful ad copy or a popular issue can be reflected in stories, with some even tying directly to them. This will direct interested Facebook users to your website, which, if everything goes well, will result in a conversion.

It’s a proven method that many organizations have been employing for years, and it shows no signs of slowing off in 2022.

3. Facebook ad prices will steadily rise

Facebook has over a billion users and seemingly endless options, but it’s a costly game to play for advertising these days.

The amount of money that can be placed behind a company determines its visibility. It’s simpler to accept this barrier of entry if you have a strong advertising budget and a good conversion rate. Startups and small businesses with limited capital reserves will need to make additional efforts to ensure a reasonable return or seek out alternative advertising venues.

Be realistic about expenditures when planning your annual marketing budget, and don’t anticipate the cost of playing in Facebook’s universe to diminish anytime soon.

4. Personalized advertisements have become the standard.

Businesses that have some type of personalization behind their advertising efforts will experience a far higher return on investment in terms of efficacy. 80% of customers think they are more inclined to buy if marketing efforts are personalized to their requirements.

It necessitates not only including the prospect’s name in the header but also putting up a list of items and services that correspond to the customer’s profile. It’s all about predicting and anticipating a customer’s wants and then making the conversion process as simple as feasible.

5. Mobile marketing is crucial.

Advertisers should take special care to tailor their efforts to the specific needs of mobile consumers, as mobile platforms have long had an advantage over desktops and tablet use is declining.

Ninety-five percent of Facebook users access the platform using a mobile device. This startling statistic means that advertisers that traditionally work on desktops must guarantee that their advertising fits and performs first and foremost for a mobile audience.

The most common mobile ad blunder is incorrect media formatting. On mobile, a picture designed for a desktop may appear deformed, which is not a good appearance for any company.

Considering these little elements and providing mobile advertising with the exact specifications they want will assure a higher return on investment for your efforts.


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