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Work From Home- The New Normal Work Routine

When was the last time you remember swiping your ID on the company attendance machine? Remember the time you struggled with getting your fingerprint right on it? The hum of people typing away on laptops and the incessant flying of file everywhere has been replaced by a wireless headphone stuck to our heads while we are cutting veggies at home. Welcome to the new normal of working lifestyle.

What seemed like a taboo in most corporate offices has now become the normal working style, courtesy COVID-19; Almost the entire workforce of the country is doing that now. Never has the world seen an exercise of this magnitude. With lockdowns extending and infection rates sky rocketing, tech giants like Facebook and Google have resorted to a Work from home structure for 70% of their employees till the near end of this year  

This brings us to the main question, Will work from home become the new “normal way”of work in India? Corporate biggies like Ranstad and Pepsico vouch that by the end of thispandemic, most organisations will realise that majority of their work can be completed under remote settings thus effectively. However, they feel that the same cannot be said for the service sector that requires the presence of the employee to carry out the task. 

On the flip side, however, organisations feel that some professionals might miss their professional working space or the pace that is characteristic of a workspace.Work From Home requires a lot of skillful communication to bring about task completion and the more introverted employees might find themselves stuck in a spot. 

The possible solution to this could be to arrange water cooler moments and coffee chats online with employees where work would not be a part of the conversation. With the advent of Work from Home, there is a possiblity that office spaces might decline and co-working spaces might be on the rise.

Though it might sound unlikely, Work From Home settings produce a higher percentage of business productivity provided external stimuli are under control. Communication channels between employees must be open and strong to build enough understanding of the other. In conclusion, when the work ethics are strong, the place of work mostly shouldn’t matter.   

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